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Jackie&Travis:: Married!! Utah Wedding Photography…….

Jackie and Travis got married on a beautiful, (and a little cold) Wednesday earlier this month.  I actually flew home from Denver for one day just to shoot their wedding!!  But it was totally worth it!  I loved every minute of this wedding.

Jackie and Travis, thank you so much for letting me be apart of your day, it was nothing short of amazing. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Berryhill…. :)

Jackie’s family owns and runs Adornit.  This AMAZING craft and boutique.  So need-less-to-say, they are super crafty and clever.

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Landen&Aubrie: Married! Utah Wedding Photography……

It finally happened!  My brother is married and moved out!  Needless-to-say I’m thrilled.  The day turned out so great!  And I love my new sister in-law.  A HUGE thanks need to go out to my amazing friend and second shooter, Andrew.  He did such a great job and made the day so much easier on me so I could enjoy my brothers wedding day.

The groom and me….

My cousin Melece did all the flowers and center pieces, she’s SO amazing!!!

We had a sunday bar for the reception…. Melece is soo clever!!

My little Ali…. I love this girl so much.

Chrishel&Randy:: Married!! Logan Utah Wedding Photography…..

Randy and Chrishel got married on a beautiful Friday last month.  It was a really calm day, and it just ran really smoothly.  Chrishel was a BEAUTIFUL bride and I’m so happy for the two of them.

This was the best [or worst] cake fight I have ever seen….

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Matt&Clarissa… Married!! Logan Ut Wedding Photography….

Matt and Clarissa got married two weeks ago, and it was beautiful!!  If you remember seeing her bridals, Clarissa is my favorite cousin. :)  So while being her photographer, I was also her bridesmaid.  It was pretty crazy being apart of the wedding AND shooting it at the same time, but it was great and I absolutely loved it.

There’s one thing I can say about my whole family…. We can throw a wedding like nobody business!  No joke.  The reception was at my uncle’s house, my cousin did the flowers, Clarissa’s family did most of the food and we all pitched in the day of to get everything ready.  Needless-to-say, my family knows weddings.

So here’s the lineup:

Dress: Pedals&Promises

Cake: Lee’s

Flowers: Melece Salisbury (e-mail me if you want info. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Rich…..

Clarissa’s grandpa married them, I love this moment between them..

My cousin does not have one sassy bone in her body… So when I actually got this shot, I was soo thrilled. :)

Like I said, my cousin did all the flowers. And she’s AMAZING.

Me and the beautiful bride….

Matt and Clarissa, I am SO happy for you. Thank you for letting me be apart of your wedding and be your photographer.  I love you guys and can’t wait to see where life takes you.

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Whitney&Matt:: Married!! Idaho Falls, Idaho Wedding Photography……

I have one word that could describe this wedding… WOW.   Everything about Matt and Whitney is amazing.  They have the best family in the world, they definitely know how to throw an amazing wedding and they are so completely in love with each other.  I had the absolute best time hanging out with their families on their wedding day and the next Saturday at their second reception in SLC at Matt’s parents’ house.  This wedding was beautiful in every way….

The day started out with a luncheon at Jakers where the parents of both the bride and groom talked about their favorite memories of the couple.  Next it was Matt’s turn. But first he, with the help of his friend, sang Whitney Simon&Grarfunkel’s ‘Feelin’ Groovy”.

Matt then told his version of their love story.  I love listening to the groom talk about his bride.

When it was Whitney’s turn she had a piece of paper with her…  She started out by saying she’s an avid journal writer, so she went back through her journals from the last four years and found some of her favorite entries of Matt.  She talked about the first day they met, how they were spending more time together…  This pictures is from my favorite entry- “I kissed Matt Checketts today, WOW!”

It was the perfect start to a great day….

The first reception was at Whitney’s parents’ backyard, and it was absolutely beautiful.  I loved everything about it.

Can I just say how crafty and brilliant the Burton family is?!

Whitney’s sister Courtney made these flowers.. I LOVED them!

Whitney’s mom made the cake, she’s amazing and it turned out so beautiful!

Matt and Whitney, thank you so much for letting me be apart of your day!  I loved every minute of it!

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Kirsten&Eric:: Married! Utah Wedding Photography………

This post is a looooooong time coming!  I loved this wedding! I am so happy for this couple, and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Eric had a grooms cake… When you cut the neck, it bled!! haha

None of the boys wanted the garter… They all backed up, soooo funny!!

At the end of the night, everyone was dancing… This is Kirsten’s grandparents. I love this photo!

Kirsten and Eric, thank you for allowing me to be apart of your day!

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Jen&Randy:: Married! |Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer….

Wow, it’s been a while!  These two got married on a BEAUTIFUL day in November.  I couldn’t be happier for them!

Jen’s cake was so adorable!  And quite tasty if I do say so myself!

Last  one…….

Jen and Randy, thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your big day.  I hope the best for the both of you.

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