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This is Ford–

He’s twenty three. While he was working on becoming a firefighter, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Sarcoma cancer.  Right now he is going through treatment at the Cache Valley Treatment Center.

Ford realized that while his medical expenses were covered, many local families were not.  Ford then started his Campaign for Heath in the fall of last year.  All proceeds are donated to the Logan Regional Hospital to fund support groups and educational efforts for those affected by cancer.

This weekend, Arts Bridge America and Fast Forward Charter High are hosting the first annual Ford Chancellor Campaign for Health 1920’s SpeakEasy.  For the event, I was asked to take pictures of Ford receiving Chemo treatment to help people realize the things that people have to go through..

While I sat in on Ford’s talk with his doctor, I was AMAZED at Ford’s attitude. The first thing he asked his doctor is if he could go rock climbing.  When his doctor said something about being miserable, Ford responded by saying “You choose to be miserable!”

If anyone is interested in attending the SpeakEasy event on Friday, feel free to e-mail for more information. You would not regret it!





Three years…….

Three years ago today, I started dating my best friend….  And I’ve never been happier.   And due to two weddings the last two weekends I couldn’t be with him for his birthday or our anniversary, I’m going to publicly embarrass him…

I love you J.  Thank you for the most amazing three years of my life.  You are the best thing about me.

So Happy Anniversary, Baby.  I love you.

Naughty Jay & Ali Bear… Utah Children photography……

These two haven’t been on the blog for a while…. But the time has come!  Calvin has turned four and Ali turned two so we finally got their pictures taken again.

I’ve never had such an easy time taking pictures of Calvin!!  Usually I take two pictures and he’s screaming “That’s enough!!”  But we got SUPER lucky this time. :)

Ali, on the other hand….. Not as easy this time.  But she’s still beautiful, and we love her none-the-less.

My favorite of Calvin Jay…..  He’s going to be a total heartbreaker one day.

This is grandma’s (my mom) favorite of Bear….

These two melt my heart…..  I love them so much!

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think……


My better half…..

My birthday was last Sunday.  But this Sunday is my boyfriend’s birthday.  That’s right, we’re exactly one week apart.  And four days later, we will be having our second anniversary together.  Well, technically not together….  See, Jared is attending school at the United States Air Force Academy, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  I mean, just look how handsome he is!!


If you can’t tell, I’m completely in love with this boy.  And since we can’t be together for our birthdays or anniversary, I just want Jared to know how much I love him.

If you personally know Jared, you already know what I mean when I say how incredible he is.  He has made my life better in every way possible.  I couldn’t ask for a better best friend or boyfriend.   I could go on all day long about how great Jared is, but I won’t drag it out…  Thanks for letting me brag for a minute!

I love you so much, baby.  I hope you have an amazing birthday.  I’ll talk to you soon.  Always and Forever….

Love, Adri Girl.


(Photo by Oakstream Photography.)