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Marissa’s Baby Bump. Utah Maternity Photography…….

Earlier this week I got together with Marissa and her hubby for some Maternity pictures!  We kind of got rained in, but I think they still turned out pretty great. :)  This Momma and I got wayyyy back.  She was my very best friend growing up, I was a bridesmaid for her wedding, and now I get to capture such an amazing part of her life. I’m so excited for her and can’t wait to meet their baby girl!!

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Bonnie, Jacob & Baby… Part Two. Utah Maternity Photography…..

I’m so in love with this couple, and I cannot wait to meet baby next month!  I took some pictures a few months ago, but Bonnie’s MUCH bigger now and as beautiful as ever..

Jacob has like 40 guitars… (okay, total lie) and I was SO excited when they brought one along for the day.

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Bonnie&Jacob: Expecting! Utah Maternity Photography…..

This mommy has a special place in my heart…  I met her when I was a sophomore in high school, and we became great friends.  When Bonnie married Jake I was thrilled for them, and I’m even more thrilled for the new adventure they are about to take!

Bonnie is about 5 1/2 months along in these pictures, look back  in a few months for some updates!!

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