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Baby Mason:: Utah Portrait Photography…….

About two weeks ago, I got an e-mail from a mom named Amy.  She told me she has a four month old son named Mason who has a bad heart valve.  They were thinking that Mason needed to go in for open-heart surgery to replace his bad heart valve.  Amy wanted some pictures to capture Mason’s amazing smile and personality at this time and I’m SO glad that she chose me.

Last Tuesday, they took Mason to Primary Children’s for an echocardiogram and found out that the pressure oh his bad valve has been reduced by half!!  They will continue to watch him closely, but if all goes well they won’t have to go back to PCH until April!  I’m so thrilled for them and pray that Baby Mason will continue to heal and grow.

Mason has three older brothers that you can tell absolutely ADORE him.  They were all fighting to hold him while we were taking pictures.

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Braxten- Six Months! Utah Portrait Photography….

Baby Braxten is such a happy little kid!  I had so much fun with him and his Mama last week!

Anyone who loves the Bronco’s is a friend of mine! :)

I love everything about this picture… His eyelashes are AMAZING!!

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Q-Rae. Six Months.

If you follow my blog, you’ve definitely seen this beautiful baby before. I’m so in love with this girl. She’s so happy and excited to play. I had an amazing day with Q and her mama last week doing these pictures! And since Christmas is at the end of the week, these are pretty much perfect!!

At the end of the shoot, we give Quinn a candy cane and just let her have at it!  It was soo cute and she was thrilled!!

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The Kelley Family! Utah Portrait Photography…….

I had a great time with this family last week! Baby Sammy is so adorable I can’t get over her!

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Parson Family… Utah Portrait Photography…

What can I say about this family?  I LOVE this family!  Really, they’re great.  Holly is my foot zoner, and a damn good one at that!  I love my time with her every month. :)  And these kids are amazing!  I was so excited when Holly asked me to take some family pictures for them!  After a few reschedules, we finally got them done!  And we really did them on the perfect day!


Gabs- She made this tutu!  She’s so adorable.

Holly & Charlie: love this.

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Calvin&Ali…. Utah Portrait Photography….

I can’t believe that it’s already November!!  This year has gone by soo fast!  Last week I got together with my sister in-law and took some more pictures of my adorable niece and nephew.  Ali has never been so good for pictures!!  I love these kids!

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Berezay Family! Logan Family Portrait Photography…….

A little over a year ago, I was shooting this adorable little girl’s newborn shoot!  I can’t believe how much she’s grown!  She’s so fun and so smart already!  I absolutely LOVE the Berezay family and I can’t wait to watch Eva grow!

This was the very first shot of the evening.  She wasn’t so sure about me quite yet…

But she got used to me pretty quick. :)

One of my favorites….

Last one- and my very favorite!

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