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My Brother’s Getting Married……

That’s right, you read right…. Married.  I am excited? Yes.  Is it totally crazy? ABSOLUTELY.

This is my brother Landen and his fiance, Aubrie.

They laugh a lot…

They met each other serving missions for our church….

It seems like they have a lot in common….


They think I’m funny…. Really!

There is one issue that our family has with Aubrie….

But she’s growing on us….

I’m super excited for my brother and I can’t wait for their wedding in Sept.  It should be a good time. :)

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Chrishel&Randy: Engaged!! Utah Engagement Photography…….

I had a great time with Randy and Chrishel last week while we took their engagements!  Chrishel is sooo adorable and Randy had me in stitches the whole time!  They are such a happy couple and you can just tell how happy they make each other.  I’m so happy for them and to be able to work with Chrishel and her family again! (I shot her brother Nick’s wedding last September.)  I can’t wait for Chrishel’s bridals at the end of the month and their wedding in August, it will be so beautiful!  Their pictures are so much fun, so let’s get to them!!

I have seen these mail boxes since I was a little girl, and I have always thought they were cool!  So when Randy saw them and liked them just as much I was so excited!  I think this picture turned out great.

Chrishel, you’re GORGEOUS!

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Jacque&Eric:: Engaged! Utah Wedding Photography…….

Last summer I took pictures of Jacque just for fun. While we were driving around she told me about this adorable boy she was talking to named Eric… Now they’re engaged, and I couldn’t be more happy for them!!  I can see how happy Eric makes Jacque, and that makes me happy.  I can’t wait for their wedding in June, if any of you know Jac, you KNOW their wedding will be FABULOUS!!

Jacque… You’re smokin’.

Favorite shot of the day……

I love the way Eric looks at Jacque….

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Jen&Randy: Engaged! |Utah Engagement Photographer…..

I got together with Jen and Randy to do some Engagement pictures…. We had a great time! And I can’t wait for their wedding in November!!


This is Tyson……


He’s adorable.








Thanks for an awesome afternoon, guys!  Let me know what you think……………


Kirsten and Eric: Engaged! |Utah Engagement Photographer

I met Kirsten when I was in eight grade….  She and my brother, Landen have been great friends for a long time.  And during those years I’ve gotten to know Kirri so well.  I’ve considered her family for a quiet a few years, and have looked up to her in so many ways.  I have so much respect for Kirri, I even try not to swear around her!! (Even though she thinks it’s hilarious…)  About two years ago, after she graduated, Kirsten moved to Rexburg, ID to go to school at BUYI.  Where she met Eric…..

I got the opportunity to meet Eric last week to take some pictures.  I don’t think there is a more perfect boy for Kirri…  I couldn’t be happier for them, and I’m looking forward to their wedding in November.  Here’s a little bit about their relationship up until this point….

They met through a mutual friend, who told Eric that he had found the perfect girl for him.  But it wasn’t that simple….  They both liked each other, but wasn’t sure how the other felt….  So they started dating other people.  After about two months they reconnected and went on their first date, where they talked to each other like they had never talked to someone on a first date.  The next day, Eric told Kirsten that he wanted to date her.  Kirsten, on the other hand, wasn’t too sure.  It took Eric practically giving up to make Kirsten realize how much she wanted him too.

He proposed by telling her that they were going to make a music video to Kellly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.”  (He said that he was going to say that when he proposed, as a joke)  What started out as an inside joke turned into the actual thing!  They made the video, and at the end he got down on one knee and said, “Kirsten, my life would really suck without you.  Will you please marry me?”  And I think you can figure out the rest….

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from their engagement session last week……








So there is a little story behind these outfits…. If you haven’t noticed yet, Eric has a some similar features to Clark Kent….










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Nick and Kelszi: Engaged! | Logan Engagement Photographer

He proposed on a hill, in the snow, on their fifth anniversary. Oh, did I mention they are nineteen?

I went to school with both Nick and Kelszi. They started dating in Junior High, and have practically been connected at the hip ever since.  When people in our high school thought about the perfect couple, their name came up every single time.  And we all knew it wouldn’t be too long before these two would tie the knot!  Kelszi has the sweetest heart, and Nick has enough personality and humor for everyone in the room, (he is the reason I went to my first hour the last tri of high school.)  There is no doubt in my mind that these two are absolutely perfect for each other.  And I couldn’t be happier for them!

For their engagements, we took a ride down to Salt Lake; and oh the fun we had!!  I LOVE this session, so let’s get on with the pictures!!

Our first stop was to the Energy Solutions Arena, they LOVE going to Jazz games together…



Isn’t Kelszi absolutely beautiful??


After that, we walked over to a great building with bright blue doors my great friend and mentor, Alisha showed me.

I love the way Kelszi looks at Nick, you can just see how much love they have for each other.


When I mentioned Nick personality earlier, this is what I got all day!!! I asked Kels for some sass, Nick gives me some as well!!


He knows how to work the camera!



Again, isn’t she gorgeous??


I kept telling them they ROCK at kissing!!! HAHA But seriously!


We then headed to Memory Grove Park, this is one of my very favorite shots of the day….


Oh, and this one…. inspired by a great photographer.


Last one……


Nick and Kelszi, thank you sooo much for such a great day.  I had a blast! I hope you like your pictures, I will talk to you soon!!

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Mike and Amber: Engaged!

They met in a biology class that neither of them were planning on taking, but they both ended up taking it anyways. Let’s talk about Fate!!

I met Mike and Amber about a month ago to talk about their wedding, once I met them I knew this would be a blast!!  They are SO much fun!!

They’re getting married on May 5th in the Salt Lake Temple, and I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding!!

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session:





This is the exact spot where Mike purposed…  I asked Amber and this is what she said:

He proposed while we were making a movie with one of my friends.  We
were doing a scene where mike was asking me to start dating him and I
was giving excuses.   We went through the scene a few times and then
finally on the last time we went through it he asked me to marry him
instead of date him.  I wasn’t sure if he was serious or acting so I
said “are you serious” while he was getting down on one knee.  
I realized by how nervous he looked, he was serious and I kissed him and told him yes!


Amber is so beautiful and has the most amazing eyes!


We drove out to Newton to get some cools pictures, when I saw these posts, I fell in love!! I was really excited how they turned out.





Amber LOVED this truck, and I’m really happy with the way they look!! Amber was GREAT!!! Oh, Mike too. =]



I love how these two look at each other.  They were all smiles all day and I loved it!!


Last one….


Thank you so much, Mike and Amber!! I had a blast with you guys the other day!!

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