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Landen&Aubrie:: Pre-Wedding. Utah Wedding Photography…..

My brother is getting married in 8 days… Crazy to think about!  We got together last weekend to get some Formals to make the wedding day a little less crazy.  Even though we probably picked the worst day in the week to get them done!!  We waited all day and prayed that the wind would stop blowing!  But alas, that didn’t really happen and we just went with it!!  But I’m still pretty happy with the way they turned out, and we got some awesome clouds because of it! :)

My cousin, (Melece) did Aubs bouquet.  And again, she is amazing!!

This next series is SO Landen it’s not even funny.  I didn’t tell him to do anything and he just posed. But Aubrie did the exact same thing!

Probably my favorite shot of the night…..

But this is in close second…

This is also so very Landen… We have always planned on doing this shot for his pictures. So when we were about to walk back to the car to wrap things up, I looked at him and said “we almost forgot!” I didn’t even have to say what it was. He totally knew.

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Clarissa’s Bridals…. Logan Utah Wedding Photography…….

If you’ve been following me from the beginning, you will recognize this girl.  She’s my cousin.  My favorite cousin, (sorry everyone!)  We’re nine months apart and when she moved back from Florida when we were five we were inseperable, we fought a lot, but we were always together.  Whenever we played “house” or anything I ALWAYS made her be the boy.  And she never complained!  I have sooo many great memories with Clarissa in them.  And I seriously could not be happier for her.  I cannot wait to be her bridesmaid AND shoot her wedding next month.

This is my cousin…

Her dress is SO perfect for her.  And she can rock it like no body’s business.

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Chrishel: Bridals! Utah Bridal Photography…….

I had seriously the best time with Chrishel and her mom last month while doing her bridals!!  They are such a hoot!  I love this session, so let’s just get right to it!

Randy is a Firefighter, so naturally we had to go to the fire station. :)

Chrishel’s dress is soo perfect for her!  She makes such a beautiful bride.

Favorite from the day….

Maybe this one too…. :)

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Whitney&Matt: Pre-Wedding!! Utah Wedding photography…….

I had the best time with Whitney and Matt shooting their bridals the other day!!  Matt had me laughing the whole time!  Then there’s Whitney, from talking about Zumba (which every woman should try at least once, it’s amazing!) to The Bachelorette, she’s so much fun.  I cannot wait for their wedding at the end of the month!  I’m in love with these pictures!  I was so worried about the weather, Cache Valley has had some seriously crazy weather!  We were just praying that it didn’t rain, and luckily we missed it!

Whitney, you’re beautiful!!

You’re not so bad yourself, Matt. :)

Matt met Whitney in an elevator at Snow Hall dorms at USU.  They also lived right across the hall from each other.  Matt also proposed in that same elevator!!  So when Whitney suggested going to take pictures there I thought it was a fabulous idea!!

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Kirsten&Eric: Groomals! |Utah Wedding Photographer…..

I had SUCH  a great time with Kirri and Eric. I’m sooo excited for their wedding at the end of the month!  I cannot wait! It’s going to be fabulous!!!




Kirsten, you are BEAUTIFUL!


Kirri made her own veil from her Moms veil… It turned out great!





Eric wanted to do this shot all day… I think it turned out AWESOME!!


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Jen&Randy: Groomals! |Utah Wedding Photographer…..

I had a blast with Jen, Randy and baby Tyson!  I can’t wait for their wedding!




I’ve never met a happier kid than Tyson. Seriously!  He’s sooo adorable!




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Nick and Kelszi: Bridals! |Logan Bridal Photographer

Last week, I got together with Nick and Kelszi for their bridal shoot.  We had a great time, and I absolutely LOVE this session!!  As I said in their e-session, these two are so awesome!!  I’m so happy for them, and can’t wait for their wedding next month!



This is their baby, Jazz…….  She’s adorable.



The clouds at the temple were BEAUTIFUL!! We got very lucky…



How beautiful is Kelszi?? I mean, seriously!




So, we found this amazing new location….  I Love It!  Nick loves graffiti, so we went a bought spray paint….. It turned out great.




These two are fierce!!!


This was literally the last shot of the day…. I think it was a pretty good ending to a great day!


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