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Chelsey&Austin:21 Utah Portrait Photography…….

Chelsey and Austin are twins, and they turned 21 TODAY!  I went to high school with Chels, and I was so excited when she asked me to take pictures of them for their birthday.  It was a fun, cold and super fast shoot.  But they turned out great!

Happy Birthday, guys!  And Happy Valentines day!!

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Happy Valentines…….

Hoping everyone is having an fabulous Love Day!!!

Here’s a little of what I’m working on right now…….




This is Ford–

He’s twenty three. While he was working on becoming a firefighter, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Sarcoma cancer.  Right now he is going through treatment at the Cache Valley Treatment Center.

Ford realized that while his medical expenses were covered, many local families were not.  Ford then started his Campaign for Heath in the fall of last year.  All proceeds are donated to the Logan Regional Hospital to fund support groups and educational efforts for those affected by cancer.

This weekend, Arts Bridge America and Fast Forward Charter High are hosting the first annual Ford Chancellor Campaign for Health 1920’s SpeakEasy.  For the event, I was asked to take pictures of Ford receiving Chemo treatment to help people realize the things that people have to go through..

While I sat in on Ford’s talk with his doctor, I was AMAZED at Ford’s attitude. The first thing he asked his doctor is if he could go rock climbing.  When his doctor said something about being miserable, Ford responded by saying “You choose to be miserable!”

If anyone is interested in attending the SpeakEasy event on Friday, feel free to e-mail for more information. You would not regret it!




Bonnie, Jacob & Baby… Part Two. Utah Maternity Photography…..

I’m so in love with this couple, and I cannot wait to meet baby next month!  I took some pictures a few months ago, but Bonnie’s MUCH bigger now and as beautiful as ever..

Jacob has like 40 guitars… (okay, total lie) and I was SO excited when they brought one along for the day.

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Chrishel&Brad….|Logan UT Portrait Photographer…….

Remember Nick and Kelszi?  Well, this is Nick little sister Chrishel…. And her boyfriend Brad. :)  They are so adorable!!  I had so much fun with them during this shoot.


Brad wasn’t too happy about wearing pink…. but I think he pulled it off quite well!





Chrishel’s got some sassy shoes! I LOVED them!






It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I figure I should put this session up!  A couple of weeks ago, I got together with my girl, Jacque to take some beautiful photos!  She took some modeling pictures for a clothing company and we decided she needed some head shots to start a portfolio.

I LOVE this girl!! I worked with her for a little bit, and we’ve stayed close since. She is such a great friend and is soooo beautiful, inside and out.  Jacque, thank you so much for letting me take your pictures, I hope you love them!!  Here’s a few of my favorites-



I love the lighting in this one, she ROCKS!!


Jacque has an awesome smile! This was actually not posed at all! She was laughing at a bird!!


Talk about America’s Next Top Model!!




I’m absolutely in love with this pink wall I found!



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About two years ago when I was a senior in High School, I took an internship class for photography.  I was super excited about it, but I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I was looking around for a photographer who’s style reflected what I was looking for.  That’s when I found Alisha, and right away I KNEW I wanted to work with her.  When my teacher asked Alisha if she would let me intern with her, she was a little skeptical.  But she agreed, and I’m SO happy she did!!  Once I met Alisha we just clicked.  We have SO much in common! And soon, not only was Alisha my mentor but she was, and is, one of my closest friends.  I owe so much to her, she taught me [basically] everything I know about photography and I keep learning from her everytime we get together.

About a week ago, Alisha invited me to go shoot a groom session with her in Salt Lake.  But we decided to go down a little early and take some pictures of her! She got a new ‘do’ and needed a new picture for her profile.

This is Alisha:


She has the most AMAZING laugh!!



Not only is her laugh amazing, but she has so much SASS!!!  We both kept looking at this couch, and I finally said, “You don’t want to sit on that…. do you??” Of course she did!!!!




She’s amazing behind the camera, but I think she does just as well in front of it, no?



She’s also got some KILLER eyes! I love this picture!!


This is my FAVORITE series,  if you ever get to meet Alisha, this is what you experience.  There is NEVER  dull moment with Alisha around.  When we’re together, I never stop laughing!  I know that whenever I need some cheering up, I can just call Alisha and will be laughing the rest of the day.


Alisha, thanks for letting me tag along with you for the last two years. :)  I couldn’t ask for a better mentor!

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