My full name is Adrienne Hardy.  The ‘Paige’ got thrown in during middle school by my best friend, and it just stuck!

I love life.

I love my boyfriend [3 years and counting.] He lives in Colorado Springs and goes here.

I love my family. And my two year old shih tzu, Hazel Mae.

I’m obsessed with Diet Coke, Reading, Blog-Stalking, Sudoku, and InStyle.

Sass- I have a lot of it. I love to wear really high heels, bright red lipstick and [possibly] too much eyeliner.  I also cut my hair maybe a little too often.

I love photography.  It is my passion. I love that I get to do what I love every day.  My approach to photography is all about YOU.  I love to have fun!  I love to watch a couple in love just interacting with each other, doing their favorite things together; or kids loving on their parents and teasing each other. I live and love to capture the moments that make you YOU.

Thank you so much for stoping by my blog! Feel free to look around, stay as long as you’d like!  Even leave a comment or two if you like what you see!!


One response to “About

  • Shayna Larson

    hey how are you? I talked to you about my wedding photography a few years ago and then ended up using a family friend.. (sorry about that) but i havent stopped LOVING your way of photography. So now that i have been married for a while we are now expecting a BABY :) ya i am kinda slow on the whole photography thing.. I’m due in 1 week… crazy i know! and my husband hasn’t actually agreed to let me pay for photography…. he just doesn’t get it like girls do i guess… but i am trying to get pricing JUST IN CASE! i want to be able to get pictures and if he finally gives in i want something maybe lined up…. so i was just curious how much newborn sessions are and if you do a discount if i use you as a Milestone photographer (like every three months, or every time i get his pictures taken)

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