This is Ford–

He’s twenty three. While he was working on becoming a firefighter, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Sarcoma cancer.  Right now he is going through treatment at the Cache Valley Treatment Center.

Ford realized that while his medical expenses were covered, many local families were not.  Ford then started his Campaign for Heath in the fall of last year.  All proceeds are donated to the Logan Regional Hospital to fund support groups and educational efforts for those affected by cancer.

This weekend, Arts Bridge America and Fast Forward Charter High are hosting the first annual Ford Chancellor Campaign for Health 1920’s SpeakEasy.  For the event, I was asked to take pictures of Ford receiving Chemo treatment to help people realize the things that people have to go through..

While I sat in on Ford’s talk with his doctor, I was AMAZED at Ford’s attitude. The first thing he asked his doctor is if he could go rock climbing.  When his doctor said something about being miserable, Ford responded by saying “You choose to be miserable!”

If anyone is interested in attending the SpeakEasy event on Friday, feel free to e-mail teamoats@gmail.com for more information. You would not regret it!





One response to “SpeakEasy…..

  • kerri sales-geiger

    I am a breast cancer patient and I have set next to Ford during chemo. He is an amazing young man and capturing what we go through during chemo and hair loss is an amazing thing. Thanks for doing this for him. You captured his amazing spirit. This needs to be done for all cancer patients. One day we will look back and see how we fought to win the battle.

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