Landen&Aubrie:: Pre-Wedding. Utah Wedding Photography…..

My brother is getting married in 8 days… Crazy to think about!  We got together last weekend to get some Formals to make the wedding day a little less crazy.  Even though we probably picked the worst day in the week to get them done!!  We waited all day and prayed that the wind would stop blowing!  But alas, that didn’t really happen and we just went with it!!  But I’m still pretty happy with the way they turned out, and we got some awesome clouds because of it! :)

My cousin, (Melece) did Aubs bouquet.  And again, she is amazing!!

This next series is SO Landen it’s not even funny.  I didn’t tell him to do anything and he just posed. But Aubrie did the exact same thing!

Probably my favorite shot of the night…..

But this is in close second…

This is also so very Landen… We have always planned on doing this shot for his pictures. So when we were about to walk back to the car to wrap things up, I looked at him and said “we almost forgot!” I didn’t even have to say what it was. He totally knew.

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think……..



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