Whitney&Matt: Pre-Wedding!! Utah Wedding photography…….

I had the best time with Whitney and Matt shooting their bridals the other day!!  Matt had me laughing the whole time!  Then there’s Whitney, from talking about Zumba (which every woman should try at least once, it’s amazing!) to The Bachelorette, she’s so much fun.  I cannot wait for their wedding at the end of the month!  I’m in love with these pictures!  I was so worried about the weather, Cache Valley has had some seriously crazy weather!  We were just praying that it didn’t rain, and luckily we missed it!

Whitney, you’re beautiful!!

You’re not so bad yourself, Matt. :)

Matt met Whitney in an elevator at Snow Hall dorms at USU.  They also lived right across the hall from each other.  Matt also proposed in that same elevator!!  So when Whitney suggested going to take pictures there I thought it was a fabulous idea!!

Let me know what you think……….



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