The Picketts! |Logan Family Photographer……..

I’ve known this family ever since I can remember….. Karen is my mom’s best friend from WAAAAY back when, (not that I’m saying they’re old…:)  Their family lives in Washington, but their son Kevin is on his way to the Dominican Republic to serve an LDS mission.  So before they dropped him off at the MTC, we got together for a quick photo shoot!

Here’s the whole clan:


The original six:


They have some of the cutest grandkids around!!  Even though they weren’t loving standing still for a picture with grandma and grandpa…. :)


Here’s Miss Karleigh:




Gray…. How amazing are his eyes???


And Sophie…. She was twelve days old when we took these pictures, and was so good!  It was a little cold, so we wrapped her up in grandma’s scarf….



Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think……….





One response to “The Picketts! |Logan Family Photographer……..

  • Shanda

    cute cute! especially that last one! This is one of my favorite spots to do photos. It’s where I got my family photos too. It’s beautiful!

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