Nick and Kelszi: Engaged! | Logan Engagement Photographer

He proposed on a hill, in the snow, on their fifth anniversary. Oh, did I mention they are nineteen?

I went to school with both Nick and Kelszi. They started dating in Junior High, and have practically been connected at the hip ever since.  When people in our high school thought about the perfect couple, their name came up every single time.  And we all knew it wouldn’t be too long before these two would tie the knot!  Kelszi has the sweetest heart, and Nick has enough personality and humor for everyone in the room, (he is the reason I went to my first hour the last tri of high school.)  There is no doubt in my mind that these two are absolutely perfect for each other.  And I couldn’t be happier for them!

For their engagements, we took a ride down to Salt Lake; and oh the fun we had!!  I LOVE this session, so let’s get on with the pictures!!

Our first stop was to the Energy Solutions Arena, they LOVE going to Jazz games together…



Isn’t Kelszi absolutely beautiful??


After that, we walked over to a great building with bright blue doors my great friend and mentor, Alisha showed me.

I love the way Kelszi looks at Nick, you can just see how much love they have for each other.


When I mentioned Nick personality earlier, this is what I got all day!!! I asked Kels for some sass, Nick gives me some as well!!


He knows how to work the camera!



Again, isn’t she gorgeous??


I kept telling them they ROCK at kissing!!! HAHA But seriously!


We then headed to Memory Grove Park, this is one of my very favorite shots of the day….


Oh, and this one…. inspired by a great photographer.


Last one……


Nick and Kelszi, thank you sooo much for such a great day.  I had a blast! I hope you like your pictures, I will talk to you soon!!

Thanks for stopping by! I have quite a few session that will be gracing the blog shortly, so come back!!  Andlet me know what you think!!!



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