It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I figure I should put this session up!  A couple of weeks ago, I got together with my girl, Jacque to take some beautiful photos!  She took some modeling pictures for a clothing company and we decided she needed some head shots to start a portfolio.

I LOVE this girl!! I worked with her for a little bit, and we’ve stayed close since. She is such a great friend and is soooo beautiful, inside and out.  Jacque, thank you so much for letting me take your pictures, I hope you love them!!  Here’s a few of my favorites-



I love the lighting in this one, she ROCKS!!


Jacque has an awesome smile! This was actually not posed at all! She was laughing at a bird!!


Talk about America’s Next Top Model!!




I’m absolutely in love with this pink wall I found!



Thanks for stopping by!! Let me know if you like what you see!!



One response to “Jacque—

  • Charlotte

    Very nice. Love the lighting in that tilted one… awesome shadows and highlights with her eyes right in the middle range. Love it.

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