Cydne: Class of ’09

I had a BLAST with Cyd and her mom and sister on Monday night.  I’ve known this family for a few years, Cydne actually dated my brother while they were both in High School, and we have stayed close.  I absolutely LOVE this girl!! She is so adorable, and soooo much fun!!  It has been great getting to know Cydne, and I look forward to staying close in the future.

When we were talking about where we wanted to take pictures, her mom suggested we go out to the family farm; when I told Cyd, she said “No no no no, I don’t think so…” But I talked her into it, and I’m SO glad we did!



I love how her eyes POP with the barrel!!


Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL??


We took a walk into the coral…. That’s right, into the POOP.  And Cyd decided she didn’t want to get her shoes dirty… So she takes her shoes off and just walks in the poop barefoot!  But it was a great sacrifice, I LOVE this shot!




Her farm had some AWESOME stuff to take pictures with.  I LOVED everything!



I had Cydne climb up on an old barn, I think this is one of my very favorite shots of the day.




Can ya tell I had a hard time choosing my favorties?  Thanks so much Cyd! I had a great time! I hope you love your pictures as much as I do.

Thanks for stoping by!  Let me know what you think!!!



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