Mike and Amber: Groomals.

Last week, Mike, Amber and I went down to Salt Lake to do their ‘groomals’.  It was an extremely warm day, and not a dang cloud in the sky.  And way fun!  Amber looked amazing, and Mike was looking VERY sharp himself.  I’m really excited for their wedding on Tuesday!!

Here are some of my favorites:


I’m still sooo in love with Amber’s eyes! I mean, WOAH.





Definitely one of my favorite shots of the day…



Amber can totally rock the serious look.  She’s awesome!!


After Temple Square we took a drive, I LOVE this yellow door, minus the people that lived there…. hahaha


I loved the lighting here! It made Amber’s eyes POP even more!


Mike rocked too!  He’s pretty handsome! =]

Thanks for the great day, guys! I can’t wait to see you on Tuesday!!!

And thanks for stopping by! Leave some love if you like what you see.



One response to “Mike and Amber: Groomals.

  • Charlotte

    I’ll leave some love! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics. Love that first pic of ambers eye in the cross shadow… very cool set-up!

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