Beautiful eyes…….

These two adorable kids are my niece and nephew.  They have the most beautiful mother, and not to mention aunt, ;) so of course they are both gorgeous.  But don’t let their beauty fool you, they are hell on two feet!!!  Especially little Calvin…. but first, here’s my favorite little girl in the whole world… Ali Bear-

Little Miss Alexandra Grace is almost one, and since Aunt Adri got a new camera, why not take some pictures??


This is the best smile I could get out of her when she wasn’t being held.




But once mommy held her she was all smiles again.  She’s looks just like her!!


Now onto the Holy Terror!!  Calvin’s three, and that’s all I need to say!


Seriously, don’t let the eyes fool you….   Right after this picture he just kept saying “That’s enough!!!”  So I got him to go look at the horses.  Every time he comes out to our house he goes over to Grandpa Wayne and says “Grandpa! Horses?! Pleeease…”  




Calvin got bored super fast…. But I got one of Calvin’s many faces… haha

Thanks for bringing the kids out, Vic.  I love you guys!!



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