My beautiful cousin…..

Hi everyone!!  This pretty lady is my cousin Clarissa.  We grew up together and  she is absolutely amazing!  So it wasn’t too hard to come up with someone take pictures of. I needed practice, and I have an amazingly beautiful cousin! So it was basically a no brainer. =]  I love having a big family and having them all living so close.  It’s a lot of fun!!! 

Thanks for playing with me, Clarissa!  Hope you like the pictures!!

Here are some of my favorites from the session–


I got some attitude out of her! =]


Thanks for stopping by, don’t be afraid to leave a comment. =]



One response to “My beautiful cousin…..

  • Karalee Ransom

    I had NO idea you did this! I think i may have heard that you were doing an internship with someone after graduation….but THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING STUFF! You have a very special talent. I would like a price list…I have grand kids ya know!
    love ya beautiful,

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